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Helping Kids Cope with Pet Loss

Growing up my family had several pets through the years. Dogs, fish, hamsters, then hamsters part two. Naturally we had to deal with them passing away. It wasn’t as big of a deal with the fish but left a bigger impression otherwise. Pet loss is not easy, folks.

Coping with the Loss of a PetNow my kids are going through those same experiences. They know about our old dogs, Tommy and Holly, who passed away when our kids were quite young. Since then we had a bird, Blue, who flew away and now chickens, Chicken Banko and Thorg.

The first two chickens survived their first year, despite my kids’ best efforts at loving them quite hard. Now we entered a second round of chicks, and one by one each of the three have passed on due to varying circumstances, Squeaky, Mr. Squeakers, and Bleep.

It breaks my heart to see my kids mourn these lost pets, even though their time with us had been quite abrupt. I almost don’t have the words to explain and empathize and wonder all the time how other parents work through this with their own kids. 

So we want to hear from you. What advice do you have? Do you have any stories about having pets with kids that you would like to share?

Pet Loss

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