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I Lie To My Child Daily

I Lie to My Child Daily

I lie to my child daily and I am a better person for it. Before I get into the lies I tell my child, let’s all admit we lie to our children every now and then.

Ahhhh! …Doesn’t that feel good to get off your chest? I know I feel better.

Although I lie to my child, I do not do it to be malicious or mean. I do it for his own good. I am sometimes known in my house as “Mean Mommy,” according to my son. But, because I love him, I lie a little (or a lot). Hopefully, he will have children when he gets older and realize all the lies I told were out of love.

Now, for the good stuff! Listed below are some lies I tell my son.

Lies I Tell My Child:

1) You cannot have junk food for breakfast, it’ll rot your teeth. 

2) If you don’t brush your teeth twice a day, they’ll turn black and fall out. 


3) Of course, we can stay at the park for 30 more minutes (even though we’ve been here for two hours). 

4) It’s time for bed! 


5) We don’t have any more _______ (insert name of junk food).

6) You’re a Superhero (when referring to his Tourette Syndrome tics that get him upset/frustrated at times)

7) Wow, Handsome! That was some fast running.

8) Oh my gosh! You jumped so high that time!


9) Chuck E. Cheese’s is closed today.


10) Mangos (or any fruit I’m eating) taste like candy!

Also, during certain seasons, “Holiday Lies,” are put into effect.

Listed below are the three most popular holiday lies I tell my son. 

Seasonal Lies:

1) Santa Claus 

2) Easter Bunny

3) Tooth Fairy


There, I confessed.

Now, what are some of the lies you tell your child?



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