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Top 20 Reads of 2016

RGV Moms Blog Top Reads of 2016

What a year this has been! As 2016 is winding down, the RGV Moms Blog writers are taking a break to unplug and spend some time with our families over the holidays. We will be back in 2017 with great new content for you, but in the meantime we are looking back at 2016 and all of the great blogs written for our community of readers.

Here are the top 20 reads from 2016 for your enjoyment. Bookmark this page or share it with a friend, sit back with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa or something cold if you prefer, and enjoy some great reads!

We also want to take this chance to highlight our fabulous team of writing moms who you can read more about on our contributor page.

Lactation Brownies

Lactation Brownies RGV moms blog Recipe

10 Things I Didn’t Know About Car Seats 
by Katie

10 things I didn't know about Car Seats RGV Moms Blog

Mom Down: What I Learned Spending Hours on the Floor
by Lisa

Mom Down, What I Learned Spending Hours on the Floor :: RGV Moms Blog

Because I’m Your Wife
by Ana

Because I'm Your Wife :: RGV Moms Blog

On Having a Daughter
by Ana

having a daughter

The Truth About Mommy Anger
by Celeste

The Truth About Mommy Anger

How Old is Too Old?
by Ana

Co-showering - How Old is Too Old?

The Myth of the Pinterest-Worth Birthday Party
by Veronica


I Don’t Remember Giving Birth
by Lisa

I don't remember giving birth. Lisa's Story.

Home Sweet Homestead at Grace Heritage Ranch
by Melissa

Peanuts Great Pumpking at Grace Heritage Ranch

Marrying Older – Just Like Wine
by Ana

Marrying Older Just Like Wine

How My Baby’s Bald Spot Changed Me
by Anastasia

How My Baby's Bald Spot Changed Me :: RGV Moms Blog

10 Things I Would Tell My Newlywed Self
by Christy

10 things I would tell my newlywed self

10 things I would tell my newlywed self

Five Misconceptions From a Former Working Mom
by Lisa

Five Misconceptions from a Former Working Mom :: RGV Moms Blog

What an Imagination! A True Tale of Motherhood
by Celeste

What an Imagination: A Tale of Motherhood

Words of a Mother: An Open Letter to my 18-Year-Old Self
by Veronica

Words of a Mother an open letter to my 18 year old selfA Mother’s Fear: Am I Ready for Baby #2?
by Veronica

A Mother's Fear: Am I Ready for Baby #2

Lactation Cookies
by Vanessa

lactation cover rect

10 Things I Learned When I Moved to the Rio Grande Valley
by Katie

10 Things I Learned when I Moved to the RGV

NYC to the RGV: My Story of Moving to the Valley
by Renee

From NYC to the RGV copy


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