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7 Unique Gifts for Mom

7 Unique Gift Ideas for Mom - for Her

Perhaps you’re done with your Christmas list. Perhaps you haven’t started. Maybe you got the easy ones checked off and are now searching for those perfect, unique ideas that nobody else is going to think of. RGV Moms Blog to the rescue to help you finish your quest!


1. New Mom Comics

New Moms Comics by Alison Wong

How about some comic relief?

I have three kids now, and reading Alison’s New Mom Comics brings me back to those early days of discovering life as a new mom with such joy and humor. They are so spot on. Honest. And so funny. Like I-sit-here-reading-it-and-laugh-out-loud-to-myself-on-every-page funny.

Get one for a new mom friend.
Or for yourself.
Or get a five pack (the fifth one is free)!

Use code for free shipping on orders placed by Dec. 16th: SANTABABY

2. Kwik Stix: Paint with no mess

We threw a painting party for all of our kids with these sweet painting tools and that sold all of us on how great these are! Check out Kwik Stix for kid gifts and even as mom gifts.

Great gift. No mess. Tons of fun. Open-ended creativity for the win.

Kwik Stix Painting Party

3. Lay-N-Go

Unique Gift Ideas - Lay N Go Legos Bag

Got lots of makeup, travel things, tiny toys, or Legos?

Bundle it up!

This nifty bag comes in sizes small through giant and is literally so neat for you or even for the kids and #alltheLEGOS.

4. Hot Dog Toaster

Why not?

This fun toy for the family is a handy tool to make hot dogs the fun way! It fits two hot dogs and two buns and has an adjustable heat setting. 

Gift it to the kids or even to dad. They’ll get a kick out of it.

5. Cute Kitchen Accessories

Do you ever see something that is so clever and cute and you would never actually buy for yourself but secretly want deep down inside?

That’s how we feel about this little cow creamer dish. It’s just too cute.

Get this for the coffee drinkers in your circle and they will get a kick out of serving creamer in it. Guaranteed.

Unique Gifts - Cow Creamer Dish

6. Ice Cream or Popsicle Maker

If you’re a local reader, can we agree that popsicles are great all year long? You really just never know when the days is going to make its way above 80 or 90 degrees.

We love this popsicle maker by ZUKO. Another favorite from my own childhood that is still around is the Snoopy snow cone machine.

Unique Gift Ideas - Popsicle Maker Zoku

7. Shoes

Every mom wants shoes. She may not ask for shoes or tell you which kind or shoes, but she will be happy to receive them.

These fabulous jellies by Mox Shoes are among our favorites and made the list for so many reasons. They are comfortable, easy to keep clean, won’t break the bank, and you can wear them with almost anything.

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