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Motherhood : The New Sisterhood

Motherhood: The New Sisterhood :: RGV Moms BlogThere are things in the mommy world that are highly debated and discussed. Some of the most common parenting topics that make the “mommy wars” are ::

  • sleep training – cry it out vs. co sleeping
  • formula vs. breastfeeding
  • working mom vs. stay at home moms

We know this firsthand unfortunately. We touched on one of the above topics a couple of months back and we were surprised (appalled in fact) at some of the comments readers were leaving. We are passionate that there is no one right way to raise children and we thrive on sharing different parenting styles. We also believe in educating and parents sharing their passions but we do draw the line at name calling and putting others down. Since then we have started trying to really campaign for an environment that fosters and supports other moms in whatever decision they choose to make. We welcome comments and writing that may have opposing views but we believe these comments should be spoken or written in a kind tone. After all, we are just trying our best to raise our kids and some days, let’s be real. We’re just trying to stay above water. #momsformoms #sisterhoodofmotherhood

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