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Spring Break Camp

Grades 1-3
Jedi Youngling
Welcome, young Jedi initiate! Begin your training in the Jedi arts as you learn the science behind a lightsaber’s glow, manipulate objects, bend water and more. Free Obi-Wan from his icy prison and complete your lightsaber training in our obstacle course. This IS the camp you’re looking for.

Grades 4-6
Jedi Training Camp
The force is strong in you, young Padawan. In the Initiate Trials, you will explore our Crystal Cave to choose your very own kyber crystal and construct a model lightsaber to share with friends. Continue to hone your Force sensitivity to become a Jedi Apprentice. This IS the camp you’re looking for.

*Members: $40 per day/ $150 per week
*Non-Members: $45 per day/ $170 per week

*Please bring a peanut-free snack and bag lunch

*Spaces are limited, RSVP at (956) 681-2800.

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