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night terrors 411

Night Terrors 411

  They say the biggest act of love is when your child wakes you up in the middle of the night crying at the top of their lungs, yelping for help. There’s no greater love than that gesture from your child. Right? Well, in my case, my two-year-old has been making this “loving gesture” ever since she […]

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bedtime Featured image

Bedtime Routines for All Ages

Ahhhh….summertime! This magical time of year includes sunny days filled with play that go well into the evening. Bedtimes for kiddos are pushed back considerably and mostly include washing the dirt, bug spray, and sunscreen off, quickly brushing teeth and lying down totally exhausted from a fun-filled day. Parents have a little less stress at […]

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Adventures in Sleep Training

I’m in a state of disbelief. I walk out of my son’s nursery and stare blankly at nothing and then make eye contact with Robert, my husband, shake my head and exclaim, “” HOW is this happening? Let me back up a bit. I’ve gone through the sleep training routine now twice with Jacob. Generally, […]

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