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Robo Mom is Now How I Mom

Robo Mom is “Now” How I Mom

“Robo mom! Mommy you are going to be like a robot,” expressed my six year old with excitement. Those were not exactly the comforting words I was seeking, but coming from my daughter they made me smile and laugh, knowing she understood what was going to happen to mommy. Behind my smile was fear, stress, […]

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night terrors 411

Night Terrors 411

  They say the biggest act of love is when your child wakes you up in the middle of the night crying at the top of their lungs, yelping for help. There’s no greater love than that gesture from your child. Right? Well, in my case, my two-year-old has been making this “loving gesture” ever since she […]

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Three Babies One Gladiator

Three Babies, One Gladiator

The lion roars as I entered the arena pulling my sword out ready to battle. Am I reminiscing back to Roman days? Sort of. Kinda of and waking up to three girls, my three babies, under the age of 5 sure does feel like, “Ok, let’s get this battle started!” Is it gonna be a bloody […]

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