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Love and Autism

Love and Autism

Guest Submission by Julie Degollado There’s a reason that the symbol for Autism is a multi-colored puzzle piece. As a mom with two boys who are on the spectrum, my world is often a maze of figuring out how to get the round peg to fit in the square hole. April is National Autism Awareness […]

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Dear Mom I See You

Dear Mom, I See You

Dear Mom,  I am sorry to say that I am guilty of not truly seeing you while I was growing up. I was definitely not the easiest child — dramatic, fiery, and stubborn — in contrast to my soft-spoken, gentle and accommodating younger sister. Growing up I never understood how you were able to be so […]

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Stuck in the Middle: Advice for Pre-Teens

Stuck in the Middle: Advice for the Parents of Pre-Teens

Think being a teenager is hard? Try being a pre-teen. You still like kids’ toys, playing outside with your friends, building on MineCraft, and watching the Disney Channel. But you also like “cool” stuff like celebrities, pop music, YouTube, and iPhones. If you’re a girl, you’re probably playing with make-up, but Barbies are only sometimes […]

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