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An Open Letter to a Friend That I Miss

My Dear Friend, When my son was a few months old, you invited me out for coffee. I told you that I would take a raincheck. “Maybe next week,” I said. Well, next week came and went, and — in the blink of an eye! — my son celebrated his third birthday. I didn’t realize time moved so […]

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The Bickers & The Sours [Bullying]

For those of you that know me (and those of you that are beginning to), know that I have been a victim of bullying during my childhood, adolescence and even adulthood in the workplace. This idea that bullying has gotten worse is right; I don’t think I could’ve survived growing up today! When “friends” are […]

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Ask Me About My Busted Lip

Ask Me About My Busted Lip

I am not a victim of spousal abuse. I do not easily anger or get in fist fights. However, I was recently punched in the face by a piece of workout equipment. Hard. Let me clarify. My lip was busted by a slingshotting elastic band with a mechanism fixed to its end. When it happened, […]

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I miss you, friends

I Miss You, Friends

I miss you all already. Only 36 hours back home in Texas and I sent this message along with this cartoon to my girlfriends since high school who I had the rare chance of visiting with in late September. My friend tied the knot at a destination wedding in Georgia and she had invited me to […]

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