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Halloween Planter

Give your Halloween decorations a final touch by adding a pumpkin planter containing beautiful plants. Join us as we create a pumpkin planter garden that is sure to add that extra spooky yet beautiful spark to your decorations just in time for Halloween night. Bring your pumpkin and we’ll supply the rest! Registration required at least 2 days before the program.

Time: 10:00 – 11:30 am
Fee: $6 per family, per pumpkin planter

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100 Days of School

100 Days of School Shirts & Activity Ideas

The phenomenon of counting the first 100 days of school has swept the nation and many schools really get the kids involved and engaged, not to mention the families who are helping their kids with 100 Days of School projects at home. There are so many creative ways to display, count and engage with 100 […]

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Kwik Stix Painting Party

Birthday Fun: Throw a Kwik Stix Painting Party

We are thrilled partner with The Pencil Grip to share our experience using their products. The Pencil Grip supplied us with a variety of Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paints, but artwork and opinions are 100% our own!Imagine this: 15 kids all painting at your kitchen table. Dozens of painting tools scattered everywhere. Artwork being posted […]

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No Candy Valentines Day

No Candy, No Problem on Valentine’s Day

I think we’d all agree that there just some moments when our kiddos SHOULD NOT have another ounce of sugar in their systems! With most schools celebrating Valentine’s Day on a Friday this year here are some fun and easy ideas for non-candy Valentines for your little ones. They each come with a free printable […]

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DIY Treasure Keepsake Box

My 8 year old son is kind of a pack-rat.  Every day, just about, he comes across a treasure that he just cannot bare to part with.  And I use the term “treasure” very VERY lightly!  Because when I say treasure, I mean … That’s right! We’re talking … Fire Beans! Stickers! Empty {that’s right! I […]

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From Me, To You – Sweet Sentiments for Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing better than a hand-made Valentine’s Day card, especially when they come from our little cupids ☺. Whether the lovely creation is for a teacher, friends, or grand-ma and grand-pa the quandary always remains…what to write in them? Here are seven little poems to help you and your little angels convey their sweet sentiments. […]

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