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Embracing Domesticity

Embracing Domesticity in 2018

If you’re into new year’s resolutions, mantras, manifestos, and other Gretchen Rubin-type happiness hacks, you should pick a one-word theme for 2018. Choosing a theme is supposed to help you salt your year with a single focus, and you can even pair it with short- and long-term goals for extra effect. My theme for 2018 […]

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Disinfecting Toys to Prevent Germs

Sharing is caring! However, sharing unclean toys can be dangerous for your little one’s health. Several questions may come to your mind when it comes to disinfecting your children’s toys such as:  “Is it ok to use bleach?” “How much bleach should I use?” “How often should I wash their toys?”. The following tips will help […]

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