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I’ll Take Two, Please

Having Twins?  Here are some suggestions to help you create your registry. To get you started, here is a word of advice based on my experience in creating a registry; Do your homework before you go!  Do some research on brands, styles, etc.  Walking into a baby superstore can be overwhelming.  Getting through one small […]

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Products that Pamper

The countdown has officially begun!  We are anticipating the arrival of baby girl #2 in three weeks.  I must admit that I do enjoy being pregnant…that is, up until the last month.  That’s right, the last month is the toughest and being pregnant {for me} no longer becomes enjoyable. At this point, I’m just too […]

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Kristina’s Update on Baby #2

In case you didn’t get the memo, Mike and I are expecting baby #2 and I promised I’d keep you up-to-date on the journey.  Since I last blogged about baby #2 in January a few things have changed.  For one, my belly has really GROWN!  Klarissa has also GROWN!  She’s such a big girl now; […]

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Favorite Things

Kristina’s Favorite Things

Spring is just around the corner (Wednesday, March 20) and I couldn’t be more excited!  I love spring and all its beauty.  There are also a few things I’m loving now and want to share.  Here are my favorite things…   FOR YOUR FACE YONKA CREME 28- Age Defense, Hydrating & Softening for Dehydrated Skin I […]

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Pregnancy Test

Surprise, Surprise!

Last November, I wrote a post about my health issues regarding my ability to get pregnant and how I wasn’t sure if Mike and I would have more kids.  Well, guess what?  I am PREGNANT!  and little did I know, I was pregnant when I wrote that post. I have officially started my second trimester, […]

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Snips and Snails,….

I’m still not sure how I feel about what transpired yesterday. It was a bittersweet day for our family. We can officially say the Eggleston family is now complete. Sweet little man Taite is the last and final hatchling the Eggleston family will celebrate. My husband had a vasectomy yesterday afternoon. Which has raised some […]

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Twins Are in Our Future!

Don’t get excited now, they are not mine!  My sister-in-law is pregnant with TWINS!!  Yup, I said it…TWINS!!  We (the entire family) are thrilled for her and her husband.  As for them, I know they are happy but I don’t exactly know that “thrilled” is the word they would use.  Maybe something more along the […]

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