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Why I Don't Honk in the RGV :: Mariana

Why I Don’t Honk in the RGV

As a native and impatient New Yorker, I am no stranger to honking. Since I began driving at 17, my right hand has gained accurate muscle memory for every car horn I have ever encountered. It has learned the exact location of the horn as well as how to press, palm, or hit it so […]

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Be the

Be the Village

Last week, someone on my Facebook newsfeed posted that she had the opportunity to help in an emergency with someone else’s child while at a local swimming pool. She noted that it was not anyone’s neglect that let to the incident, just that “it takes a village.” When I read that, I immediately agreed. As […]

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Deborah and Kids

Hey There, Lonely Mom

When my first child was born nine years ago, I learned something that surprised me.  It’s possible to feel lonely as a mom – and not just on the occasional day or two.  In fact, I’ve experienced three distinct lonely seasons (months or more) as a mother. The first happened right away.  I transitioned from […]

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Home Sold

The Last Time

We sold our house. We handed over the keys yesterday. As I stood at my front door locking it up for the last time, I was overwhelmed by how exhausting this move was. I know. Moving sucks. Nobody likes it. We had so much help and it still took us 5 days, 2 PODS, a […]

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