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Mom Tiger Gets Sick

I’ll admit it: I have been very lucky. Since Jacob was born (exactly 18 months ago today!!), I have not gotten sick. Of course I have had days where I was feeling under the weather and certainly days when I was so exhausted and sleep-deprived that I couldn’t function properly, but I haven’t been actually […]

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I Just Want to Say: Mommy Purse

The other day I was at a birthday party.  It was in someone’s living room, so some mommies had congregated on the carpet with their babies.  One of the babies became fussy so I reached into my one gallon purse and pulled out some toys for them to play with.  One of the mommies commented, […]

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On Having THREE Under 3

  Lots of parents wear the badge of having had “ONE under 1”. It is a life-changer and a beautiful blessing. Some of us were lucky enough to also then graduate to having “TWO under 2”. This was my family. My first-born was 16 months old when we had our second son. The few, the […]

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