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Family Hug

The Joy in a Family Hug

  It’s the cutest thing my four-year-old son is doing these days, calling together a “family hug.” I don’t know exactly where he learned this. We are unabashedly tablet and TV friendly in our home, so maybe I can thank children’s programming? All I know is that I did not start this, but I never […]

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Beach 2

Dolphins, Turtles and Sunscreen Tantrums: The New Way We Do the Beach

We are beach people. My husband and I love the beach. We love our Rio Grande Valley beach, South Padre Island. Before our son was born, beach weekends were lazy, crazy and so relaxing. Our average beach day used looked something like this: Breakfast, beach time, soaking in the ocean, toes in the sand, beer […]

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My Son is So Over Me : Dealing with Detachment

Dealing with Detachment: My Son is So Over Me

One thing I’ve learned since having my son is kids are constantly changing.  Just when you get used to one routine, their needs change.  Their patterns change.  Teething. Feeding. Sleeping. Growing.  Talking.  Learning.  They are in a constant state of flux.   I know this very well and yet the latest change has caught me […]

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A Rite of Passage_ Hos

A Rite of Passage: Hosting Thanksgiving

I am a true adult.  Marriage. Motherhood. Work. Bills. Responsibilities.  Yep, it’s all checked off the “things that make you a grown up” list.  But, somehow, I especially feel like I have reached adulthood status during the holidays.  The feeling starts creeping in around November 1. The most wonderful time of the year has a […]

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