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Celebrating 7!!!

As moms, we give our lives to our little ones with pride, but getting through the day with a baby by our side is sometimes a struggle. We all have our challenges. I’m in awe of mamas with more than one kiddo. Me, I’m a single mom. Most of the time, it’s no biggie, but sometimes […]

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Masa Memories: Tamales, Tradition and the Importance of the Table

  The air is always crisp.  The kitchen is always cramped.  And chisme is always plentiful. Making tamales at my grandma’s house is a yearly Christmas tradition that brings my large and multi-generational family together around a common goal, making and eating large quantities of tamales.     I can’t remember a December in which we […]

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I Just Want to Say: Mommy Purse

The other day I was at a birthday party.  It was in someone’s living room, so some mommies had congregated on the carpet with their babies.  One of the babies became fussy so I reached into my one gallon purse and pulled out some toys for them to play with.  One of the mommies commented, […]

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I Just Want to Say: Freebies!!!

I wanted to be a teacher so I could stay home with my kids during the summer, like a pseudo-stay-at-home mom.  I love it!  Only two weeks into summer vacation and if I ever have to introduce myself as a teacher I have to think twice and check myself.  Me a Teacher?  I totally forget […]

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