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“I’m not buying you the [expletive] books! The school has a library!”  These words echoed from four aisles down from where I was standing in the seasonal section at Target. The words hit me hard as if these words were being said directly to me. As I strolled towards the echoed words, I witnessed the most heart-breaking scene between a child and a mother. A boy about the age of 8 was in complete tears, not understanding why dad would not buy him the book he wanted. His mom was trying so hard to console him by wiping his tears and speaking soft words of encouragement to him. My heart was disappointed to see this unfold. Why wouldn’t his dad buy the book?

Perspective: “the [expletive] book!”

As a mother, I could understand if the budget didn’t allow for extra expenses but hearing those words, “The school has a library!” makes me assume a bitter attitude towards reading and schools. Reading isn’t just about school reading; it’s about creating a bond of love for knowledge that develops children in becoming life-long learners.

Libraries are an amazing place to create and fill kids’ knowledge with the love for learning. It’s not solely about checking out a book. It is about taking the step to becoming a profound reader in everyday life. The public libraries are phenomenal in achieving the love of reading with monthly activities for children of all ages. I encourage the community to visit their local public library to experience the life of a library. A library isn’t just filled with books; it’s filled with people who love learning through reading.

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There are studies that can sum up the facts and data towards the implementation of reading to our children at a very young age but as a teacher, I can vouch that reading with our children is essential for the growth and linguistic development of the brain. I witness the differences in children and their love for reading and books as they come through my classroom year in and year out.  Some have the passion to learn how to read and others learn by reading.

Hindering a child to love books and reading can be accomplished with a negative perspective towards reading at any moment without knowing what is happening. As parents and as teachers, we need to bind ourselves and build the love for reading through books at a young age. This phenomenal of reading leads our children to great accomplishments in their learning career.

Pick up a book and read.

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