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Finding a Balance by Taking Back the Clock

I hate mornings — or should I say — I hate everything, and everyone, in the morning. I’m just not a morning person. But, at one point in my life, I was. And I’m on a mission to rediscover my balance and take back the clock. There for a good while, I had discovered the balance between getting enough sleep and accomplishing all of my tasks. But somewhere along the way, I got off-balance when it comes to energy and rest. There just never seems to be enough time. 

Finding Balance

Basics of Balance

I miss that carefree season of my life, and I want to get my balance back. It’s somewhere out there. I know it is, and I’m determined to discover that middle ground. On one end of the spectrum is feeling so completely useless before 10 a.m. that I can barely manage to get the children to school, make coffee, and brush my teeth. And then there is the blissful feeling of waking up extra early, thanks to my own body’s circadian rhythm, and even managing to complete a chore before waking the kids for school.

I know what it takes. I need to get back to:

  • Regularly practicing small exercises in mindfulness and discipline make me feel like the master of my mornings.
  • Reminding myself often that I am blessed to have the time and means to do small but important things for my family.
  • Taking good care of myself spiritually and physically. 
  • Spending quality time with friends who understand and encourage me.

Making the Most of Today

I think a lot of it comes down to focusing on the present and making the most of today. Here are a few suggestions to help you take back the clock!

  • Eat more vegetables…because they taste good. Picture your go-to crudités paired with a great hummus or homemade (nutrient — not preservative — rich) buttermilk or vinaigrette dip. Conspire with friends to bring this kind of stuff to the next potluck/get-together. Or indulge in a nice helping of your favorite veggie…in a sundae dish or a dessert cup. Vegetables Balance
  • Get a haircut…to make your hair look healthy. Asking for a razor cut trim is a great way to give you weightless volume and also taper off those lighter, damaged ends. Then just maintain it by using less harsh shampoos and styling with salt spray or leave-in conditioner.
  • Buy those heels, or one-of-a-kind shoes…because not only do they make you feel like a million bucks, they feel like walking on a pillow, like you could actually run a half-marathon in them. High Heels Balance
  • Fake it. On days when I don’t want to get up because there’s too much to do around the house, I use an old trick. I dress up as though I’m on-call at an office job, complete with shoes that are stylish but comfortable for a few hours. Then I tackle some laundry and some spot cleaning here and there. Somehow, not wearing loungewear or everyday jeans gives me a burst of energy. I can even sit for a little while between laundry loads and bask in a small aura of accomplishment.
  • Train for a half-marathon, or start a running club…to hang out with your pals without the guilt. The more you train the better you’ll feel, especially if you set mini goals, chat with your friends during warmups, or if you make it about a cause you find worthy. Later you can see if it’s the right time to buy some nicer jogging pants or tennis shoes.Running Club Balance
  • Crash a friend’s kid’s sporting event/practice…because your schedule is suddenly less hectic than hers, and it would mean a lot to the child to get extra cheers (bonus points if you bring water bottles or nutritious grain/fruit bars for the team or your friend’s family.)
  • Host a pizza-making party with friends and their children. (Have 1 or 2 test-run pizzas from the day before as a backup or an appetizer while the current pizzas are baking.) I love showing kids the science behind cooking, as well as using fresh seasonal vegetables, and just the experience of creating something edible.Pizza Party Balance

There are so many ideas out there to help you find your happy place, so add yours in the comments below! If you include others and plan well, you may not have to actually do much of the work. You can focus on the moment and recharge your batteries while also spending quality time with the people closest to you!

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