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A Real Momma’s Guide to Boudoir Photography

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Is the inevitable question still looming? What do I get my husband? How about a boudoir photography session?

What is Boudoir?

The term boudoir is French for bedroom. So as you may have guessed, boudoir photography refers to a type of “bedroom photography.” As a professional photographer, I interpret it to mean intimate photographs in a bedroom-type setting.

For me, boudoir photography typically caters to two sets of women. Those who are currently engaged schedule a boudoir session to yield intimate and romantic images of themselves for their soon-to-be husband. The other half of my clients are typically mothers and wives who are interested in creating personal and creative gifts for their spouse. 

Boudoir makes a great gift to share with you husband on Valentines’s Day, or any special day, for that matter.

Concerned? Let’s Talk.

While I receive lots of inquiries, many women won’t ultimately follow through with scheduling their session. The concerns of many potential clients seem to fall into the same areas: body image, privacy, wardrobe(s) availability, finances/budget, and comfortability with the photographer. As a professional, I’d like to address all of these reservations and areas for concern.

Let’s start with body image. I am a mother. I have three children, and I, too, indulge in many of the sweet foods we should probably limit ourselves to but hardly ever do. My body has stretched three times, and is currently in it’s fourth stretch to house a tiny, growing human. My body looks different than it did pre-children.

I can understand the concerns about being photographed in a vulnerable and intimate setting. Choosing the appropriate wardrobe, accentuating your best assets, and proper posing can make all of the difference. Every woman is shaped differently, and so I engage each client uniquely. I want to cater each session to your comfort level. 

As a photographer, it is my job to bring out the best version of yourself. I do this by making you feel comfortable and by documenting you at your best angle on camera. The result is unique, romantic, and beautiful boudoir images of which you can be proud.

Whether we work full-time or stay at home, our primary concerns as mothers are typically focused on providing for our families. And sometimes budget and finances do not allow for potential clients to follow through with booking a boudoir session. If this is you, remember to watch for specials and promotions, especially around Valentine’s Day. Also, be on the lookout for boudoir marathons. In the past I have offered shorter back-to-back sessions for a lower price. You can also attempt a DIY version of boudoir photography. A tripod, some patience, and personal printer can suffice if you are creative enough. Your husband will be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful and personal gift, regardless if it comes from a professional camera.

Privacy is Paramount

Finally, I’d like to address something I value as a professional photographer who photographs boudoir: comfortability and privacy.

It is important to me, as the photographer, to garner the trust of my clients, and consequentially, their spouses. I do not advertise and share my boudoir work, nor do I blog boudoir sessions on my website journal. I am proud of my work and sometimes wish I could share some of the amazing images my clients and I are able to create. But I would much rather keep this type of work private and away from peering eyes. A woman’s body is beautiful. I believe and respect that it is to be enjoyed between my client and their spouse, I will never share your boudoir images online publicly. I have selected a few images, — typically of a leg, a shoulder, or a back — that some of my past clients have given me permission to use for promotional usage. And even these images, I keep private.

Having the boldness to present yourself in front of a camera in a vulnerable and intimate way is, in fact, very courageous. I want to respect that, and your boudoir photographer should as well. You should ensure your photographer will respect your privacy and makes you feel comfortable.

Overall, boudoir photography is not for everyone. But if it is for you, I encourage you to make it a private, personal and comfortable experience.

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