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Day Trip to Pharr: RGV Staycation

Summer is quickly approaching and all the kids, and teachers, can think about is VACATION! What about a staycation? You know, a vacation in the city you already live in! My family and I took a mini-staycation, or two, and I would love to give you an idea on how to spend the summer in a fun and educational way. My husband and I both have backgrounds in History, so our son has the amazing opportunity to getting dragged around on these historical adventures with us.


But first, COFFEE!


We live in Pharr and our favorite coffee place to go to is Moonbeans! We walk, run, drive, and hang out at Moonbeans all the time. The Big Dipper is my go-to drink, my son loves their chocolate muffins, and the hubs usually gets the drip coffee. Moonbeans used to be the Pharr Volunteer Fire Department and they don’t shy away from knowing that. They have made minimal changes to the old fire department and we love that about it. [Read more about our favorite local coffee shops here.]

Next Stop: Hub City Rock

This rock is just North of Moonbeans, walking distance. By the way, if you can’t tell, it was hot that day so pack waters and snacks for all who want to take this Historical Walk through Downtown Pharr.

Old City Hall

Across the street from the Hub City Rock is the Old City Hall building. The building is still in use today, its really beautiful.

Texas Theater

By now Azariah is tired of the nonsense and begins to mock my poses, haha! The Texas Theater is just a hop skip and a jump from the Old City Hall building. Water break time!

Valley Fruit Company

We drove to this one, had a snack, drank some water, and ran around a bit.

Kiwanis Building

This building was on the way home, and across from the U.S. Post Office, my son’s favorite place to hang out and watch the train pass by. This building holds a special place in my hubby’s heart because it housed the Pharr Library at one point in time. If you would like to follow our journey in visiting the city of Pharr’s Historical Landmarks, let me know how that goes!

If you are interested in taking your family on a Historical Landmark Tour of your city, just go to the Texas Historical Commission website and use their atlas and their you can type in your city and go an adventure with your family. Have fun this summer!

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