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How I Mom :: Claudia {Lifestyle Series}

We’re officially on a roll! Our fourth “How I Mom” post comes from Claudia, resident book lover and mom to one feisty little boy. Claudia has been on our team for nearly a year, and we love her energy and her perspective.

A Little Bit About Me: 

I‘m Claudia, a Valley Native who can best be described as a Spitfire. That’s not a title I give myself, that’s actually a title almost ever person I have met has given me. If I had to describe myself, I’d say I am energetic and feisty. With that being said, my son, Azariah, also has every little bit of spunkiness a three-year-old can have. My typical day starts off pretty well and ends in a tornado… and I’m not really sure how it got there.

My husband, Romeo, is a librarian, so reading to our son is a very popular thing to do in our house. Other popular things we do together in our house are pray, cook, eat, play, and get on each others nerves. Outside of the house, you can find us at a park, museum, or library program. My usual attire is whatever is clean. Azariah dresses himself; sometimes he looks adorable in his boots and shorts (my favorite combo) and other times he looks like Halloween and Christmas combined.


Confessions of a Hot-Mess Mom:

My family and I venture out into public every so often — which terrifies me! My son will pick and choose when to behave. For example: We take our son to get a haircut every two weeks (not because he needs it, but because he HAS to be like Dad). He will sit still while they cut and style his hair. Every time they spray his head with water, they tell him, “Just a little water, just like bath time,” he smiles and sits still. Anyone who knows my son, knows he absolutely HATES bath time! He throws the most outrageous bath time temper tantrums! My neighbors have even asked him why he hates bath time so much.

How the heck does he choose to behave while having his hair cut and having the metaphor of bath time applied to the situation? Maybe he likes to give me a hard time to ensure I put in the additional cardio I often fail to get in during the day… or maybe it’s because the ladies always give him two lollipops after his haircut.

Who knows? I have asked him the dreaded question, “Why must you fight with me for EVERYTHING? You have to brush your teeth twice a day. You have to shower. You have to wear clothes” I still do not have an answer. 

I especially get anxiety when we’re out at a restaurant. (I think we can all relate to this one!) My son is so picky when it comes to food that he will not eat just any mac ‘n cheese at a restaurant — it must be elbow pasta. I do not even know how he knows the difference. Yikes!

how I mom 

Now, I know what you’re thinking: You don’t sound like a Hot-Mess Mom! Some things I just cannot describe… you have to see it to believe it. Most days, I live off a hot shower early in the morning and coffee. Once the coffee wears off, I’m usually praying for nap time to kick in so I can nap, too. Yoga pants, oversized college shirts and alumni hats are my go to attire on most days. Depending on how the day went is what I decide to cap the night off with: water (need to re-energize), soda (need caffeine and it’s too late for coffee), beer (good day), margarita or champagne (celebration for no tantrums)!

I Love My Family:

Even though my husband’s schedule for work is kind of crazy, and our son has the same energy as the Earth traveling around the Sun, I love my family. All the sacrifices I make are for them, just like the sacrifices they make are for us.

My husband makes sure to put us first. Since Azariah was born, my husband has woken up extra early in the mornings to spend an hour with our son before getting ready for work. Some days they make pancakes and coffee while I sleep and they surprise me with breakfast. Other days, they let me sleep in while they play and make coffee for us adults.

By the end of the day, the house is usually a mess, we are extremely tired, and, usually, all three of us are in our favorite hangout spot in the house — MY bed! We migrate there after Azariah’s bath time to start our bedtime ritual before we all go off to sleep.

The last thing we say to each other is, “What was your favorite part of the day?” Everyone must participate, even if they’re ill. We take this time to listen to each other, focus on the positive of the day, and  ask what we need or want more of. Lastly, we read a story or two, brush our teeth, kiss goodnight and say our “I love you’s,” right before praying and floating off to bed. 



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