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How to Box Top

Box Tops 4 Education

Ever heard about Box Tops and wondered what they are and why kids and parents collect them? Join the club.

I started collecting them before I fully understood their purpose. Somehow these little pieces of paper could turn in to money for someone and it was related to education.

At first I found a neighbor whose kids collected them and gave them to her. Now it’s a habit to tear off the tops and add them to our little ziplock bag tucked away in the kitchen.

Earn Money for Schools

What has made collecting Box Tops so easy is they are found on many common brands that we buy and consume anyway. Why not just take an extra 10 seconds to tear off the ten cent tag? Fill a cup or a jar. Stash it away in a baggie. Simple. (psst… if your school doesn’t collect these you can always send them to me!)

Then twice a year, schools can turn in their collection of Box Tops for cash. These drives are in October and February. Participating schools will have a coordinator to collect, organize, and submit these for the school. Box Tops 4 Education then sends a check to the school for that dollar amount.

Box Tops even has an app to make clipping easier for parents. Get this – you can scan your grocery receipt and get credit, too!

Another great this is the expiration dates are usually 1-3 years in the future, probably to allow for shelf life and time to get these in to respective schools.

Box Top Brands

Here are just a few of the brands and items that we use all the time that always have box top coupons. 

Cheerios – Ever heard of these? Yup, thought so. Box tops!

Granola Bars – We buy these in bulk and sometimes even get a bonus coupon worth 10 times the normal value.

Mott’s Applesauce – We use these for lunches all the time.

Land O’ Lakes Butter – I love to bake. Plus, everything is better with butter.

Ziploc – Oh-so-handy bags with more Box Tops.

A full list of participating brands can be found on the Box Tops 4 Education website. The links below are affiliate links.

Box Top Math

Even the smallest values add up. Each box top is typically worth $0.10 (ten cents!). Pennies, literally. We gathered up about 90 over the past few months, which adds up to about $9.00.

If every kid in a class of 20 – 25 kids did this or a little more, that classroom would potentially earn nearly $200.

Now take ten participating classrooms and you’ve just earned $2000 for your school.

$10.00 per kid x 20 kids per class x 10 participating classrooms = $2,000


I took the liberty to find out the local top earning schools in our area and the current TOP FIVE RGV schools have raised between $953.80 and $1,583.30. The top earner in the state of Texas raised $5,898.40!

Think of how many special projects or supplies this could fund in a school! Projects and supplies funded by something we’re already buying and potentially throwing away.

Box Tops 4 Education

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