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How I Mom :: AnaLaura {Lifestyle Series}

Our #HowIMom series continues! This week, our RGVMB Sponsorship Coordinator is at the keyboard, sharing her parenting style. 


Hi, I’m AnaLaura. This is How I Mom.

First things first, coffee. I can’t mom without it! After that, I’m ready to mom away and start my most rewarding role.

I consider myself a pretty strict and structured mom. Having three girls only increases my fear of teenage years and boy-drama days. What scares me is “how strict is too strict” before they rebel? My mom was a sergeant and I turned out alright. (Ha!)

But… I must say that I’m also that type of mom who dances around with no music, sing “Elena” songs at the top of my lungs, and plays catwalk with them down the hall.  

I never believed my mom when she used to say that kids are “all food, all the time.” She was right— children think about eggs, pancakes, carrots, ketchup, string cheese… all the time!

There are no perfect days. Some are noisier, messier and grumpier than others, but nevertheless still amazingly great! I like to think that “God could not be everywhere, therefore he created mothers.” And just like that, let’s continue to mom at our best!


The number of times I open the fridge in a day….seriously!


EOD (endofday) #mompocket


Great way to keep them busy while cooking!!




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