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Is That Poop or Chocolate?

Welcome, 2017! We live in an electronic age where our lives are mobile and constantly on-the-go. When my 3-year-old needs to use the potty, he likes for us to read to him; Eric Carle, James Dean, and Yuyi Morales are his top picks for the restroom. However, sometimes I am guilty of letting him use the iPad while on the potty (don’t judge me).

Last night, while he was doing his business, I allowed him to use the iPad since I was preparing dinner. When he called, “Mom, I’m done!” I walked in to get him cleaned up, and he handed me the device. That’s when I saw it— a thick, brown ball and smudging on the back of my husband’s iPad (sorry, honey).

This was my first time to have the “Poop or Chocolate” thought. By now, there should be a Poop or Chocolate Test that could give us the certainty we parents need to make sure we do NOT ingest poop.


However, since that test does not yet exist, here are 5 observations you can make to accurately pass the Poop or Chocolate Test:

Poop or Chocolate: A 5-Step Test

  1. Smell! Always sniff the spot in question first.
  2. Observe the scene: Is your child still in diapers? Is the object in question inside a diaper? (Always assume it’s poop!) Is your child potty trained? Is the object in question inside the underwear? Apply Step 1 for results.
  3. If your child is on the toilet: Do the smell test, and if you can’t decipher the scent, assume it’s poop!
  4. If your child is covered in it: Smell your child first, then throw them in the shower either way.
  5. If there are brown smudges/marks all over the place (picture Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd chocolate/bathroom scene): Evacuate the house down! Ok, not really… but the smell should be a dead giveaway, haha! 

Good luck with all your “Poop or Chocolate” moments this year! 

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