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From Tree Cuttings to DIY Wreath

Every year since we’ve had kids we have decorated our home for Christmas with all sorts of fake things that look like pine. The only thing “real” has been our Christmas tree. Those who have gone through the process of choosing a tree may know that the tree could sometimes use a little help with its shape.

This year my husband needed to cut a few branches off the bottom so that we could fit it into its stand properly. In pops the idea for making something beautiful with those leftovers!

Here was my photo inspiration for the wreath:

So on to the project. It was absolutely on a whim. The tools were quite simple.

  1. Tree cuttings
  2. Wire hanger
  3. Thin burlap twine
  4. Scissors
  5. My hands

To begin I reshaped the wire hanger by undoing the hook and rewrapping it together in a circle. The shape is forgiving since the branches pretty much took over to make the final circle.

Starting mid-branch, I wrapped it as tightly as possible, working my way toward the base of the brach so the greenery was freely hanging off the side. Before finishing each piece, I added the next one in so they could hold on to each other and gain extra stability.

Final thoughts? This was actually way easier than I imagined and the result has been a fun adornment in my dining room.

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