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Coffee Talk with RGV Moms :: Gift Ideas, Scavenger Hunt, DIY Projects, Mom Hacks

Welcome back for Episode 4 of our Coffee Talks with RGV Moms. We got together on Friday, December 16th, to chat about our week on the blog in this Facebook Live video. 

Hear about great local events, a recap of our blog posts of the week, the #RGVMB12days scavenger hunt, an easy DIY wreath project, and the start of a conversation about kids and electronic devices.

Consider this our virtual coffee date, so pour yourself a hot cup (or cold if that’s your preference) and let’s chat! If you have any questions for us, add them in the comments and we will try and answer them next Friday.

Mentioned in this video

New Mom Comics

Kwik Stix

Recent blog posts of the week:

Super relevant posts for the season:

We loved this easy DIY project with candy canes. Simply bake for 3-4 minutes at 275 degrees Farenheit. The canes become pliable and can be easily molded and pinched together into hearts and swirls. I’ve used these as ornaments but they are edible, too! Use miniature candy canes and fill them with chocolate for yummy treats.

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