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Birthday Fun: Throw a Kwik Stix Painting Party

We are thrilled partner with The Pencil Grip to share our experience using their products. The Pencil Grip supplied us with a variety of Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paints, but artwork and opinions are 100% our own!

Imagine this: 15 kids all painting at your kitchen table. Dozens of painting tools scattered everywhere. Artwork being posted on the wall 90 seconds after it was created. Complete chaos and yet absolutely no mess. This is not a dream. I repeat. This is not a dream. This is what happened when the RGV Moms Blog writers got together to try out The Pencil Grip’s dry tempera product, Kwik Stix.


Photo credit: Marisol Izaguirre, LLC


How many times have you found yourself planning a party, playdate, or fun and easy afternoon activity for your kids… only to realize that most of your ideas involve way too much prep time or way too much clean up time?  Yep. We do that, too.

All. The. Time.

Meet Kwik Stix.



Photo credit: Marisol Izaguirre, LLC

Our RGV Moms Blog writing team got together for a painting party to try out a new product called Kwik Stix by The Pencil Grip and it was a BLAST! More importantly, it was the EASIEST party I’ve ever planned, from setup to takedown.

We got together to try out this new product and see how well it would work with our kids, who ranged in age from 1 to 11, older if you count the moms! On any other day this playdate would have made its way outside onto the back porch with a hose standing by, but Kwik Stix is supposed to dry in 90 seconds. So we decided to give it a whirl and squeeze as many kids around the table as was possible.

The activity? Painting.

The cost? Extremely affordable.

The setup? Easy. 

The cleanup? Practically non-existent.

Here’s how we did it.

Materials involved were simple:

  • Kraft paper roll ($1 at any dollar store) – This was used to cover the table beforehand.dsc_7769
  • Precut Poster Quarters (Got these for $3 at Hobby Lobby in sets of 10, 40% off if you use their daily in-store coupon) – I bought a set of 40 so the kids kept cranking out the artwork and had something beautiful to take home with them.
  • Masking tape or painting tape I prefer this type of tape for most projects since it comes off easily and won’t rip the posters or leave residue on furniture and walls.
  • Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint (Available at The Pencil Grip, at Target through Christmas, and on Amazon)

I spent about 20 minutes covering the table with kraft paper and then taping down the posters in advance. It was easy to switch out the painted posters for new ones thanks to masking tape, so the kids were able to keep right on painting the whole time.

I don’t even think we had to wash anyone’s hands when they were done. Well, except for maybe my toddler who Kwik Stix-ed his arms. #MomWin

Painting Party #ForTheWin



Kwik Stix works great on paper, cardboard, posters, and canvas. The creativity was flowing all around the room.


Photo credit: Marisol Izaguirre, LLC

The Pencil Grip has the neatest tools for emerging writers and their pencil grips come in several different styles and work for left- and right-handedness. There’s a Three-Step Training Kit that kids can use as they start learning to write with three different grips to help them along the way. 

We put them to the test and the kids had a blast!

I mean, just look at this wall of art. We had kids of all ages, boys, girls, toddlers, school-aged kids. They all got right in to the fun and this tool was appropriate for every level. Not pictured are the moms testing them out, too!

We were all experiencing Kwik Stix for the first time and I’ll tell you what. I think we’re going to do this for every birthday party going forward. Since this playdate I’ve pulled out our poster and Kwik Stix stash on multiple occasions. The kids love them. They can be creative. I don’t have to worry about paint everywhere. Their artwork is on the wall 90 seconds later.

Kwik Stix Gift Ideas:

  • Stocking Stuffers: Kwik Sticks are small enough to fit in any stocking.
  • Birthday Gifts: A set of Kwik Sticks and a roll of paper
  • New Mom with a Toddler: Get them a set of Kwik Stix for the toddler while they care for their newborn without stress!
  • Adults would actually probably really love these, too. Let’s be honest.








Photo credit: Marisol Izaguirre, LLC



The RGV Moms and their Kids

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