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Head-to-Toe Happy: Ways to take care of you

The kids are back in school with their shiny, new pencils and cute belts and fresh haircuts. New school year for some, new fiscal year for others.

Personally, I  think it’s a perfect time to break out of any rut. Maybe to start dieting or eating healthier from now until Thanksgiving. To make time for real workouts. To try new housecleaning hacks. To come up with a good holiday gift-giving game plan. You get the point.

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You’re a busy mom. Your money and your time are limited. Chances are, no one is taking you back-to-school shopping or for a physical. Let’s be creative and proactive as we take care of our inner and outer selves.

Creative ways to take care of yourself:

  • Remember those friends you haven’t spent time with because there’s no time to spend? They grocery shop. You grocery shop. If time is still an issue, schedule a short grocery trip together. An even better option is to save the date for an upcoming movie, or volunteer together at a health fair.
  • If this friend or another pal are brutally honest people, invite them to a local salon for a free consultation on hair color and hairstyle to complement your face (call ahead). Your friend can help you decide whether to take the plunge or not. Alternatively, a low price, low commitment option is to go for a fall/ red shade with a temporary at-home color.
  • Have you slowly given up on makeup and skincare? Do you even know what’s in your makeup case? This may be a good time to browse a makeup counter. Call to schedule a makeover or color session. If you’re not stocking up at this time, you can still try out new shades, score some samples, and price out that one item for a later time.
  • If your clothing budget is shot due to the new school year, that’s ok. Play your favorite jam while tidying your closet either in increments or all at once. Store or donate your spring and summer items. Use something you already own to display your cute accessories. You’ve just made room for fall and winter layering items! Bonus points if you host or organize a clothing swap.
  • Finally, shoes. I’m already picturing my perfect 21st pair of shoes. But there are still a lot of hot days left this year, so instead of investing in cute boots right now, I’m going to redo my pedicure and wear neutral sandals with fall outfits.

Taking some time to prioritize your health, happiness, and friendships will pay off as you tirelessly take care of your family.

How do you take some time for yourself?

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