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Mommy’s Happy List

happy happinessIt has been said from time to time that “we are in control of our own happiness,” but let me change that phrase just a bit to “Mommy makes her own happiness.”

In fact, Mommy does make her own happiness, and it all begins with the first moment you get to finally hold your baby in your arms. The happiness flows from the happiness of our children to our own hearts. As the days unfold, I can think of many happy moments that make my heart smile. My Mommy Happy List consists of many different moments that we may overlook, but when we sit and think about them, our hearts smile.

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Mommy’s Happy List:

  1. The voice of my daughter in the morning
  2. The sparkle in their eyes
  3. Their smile in the morning
  4. Kinder graduation
  5. Student of the month award
  6. The first loose tooth
  7. The giggles
  8. The hugs
  9. Their funny faces
  10. Excitement of a trip
  11. First time at the beach
  12. Their first birthday party
  13. Holding baby sister for the first time
  14. Eating pancakes
  15. Playtime
  16. Making sister laugh
  17. Singing to baby sister
  18. Art projects for mommy
  19. Hugs
  20. Kisses
  21. First day of school
  22. Clever phrases
  23. First words
  24. Happy squeals
  25. First talent show
  26. New learning moments
  27. Tiny fingers and tiny toes
  28. Watching the girls sleep
  29. My daughters hugging each other
  30. Tickle giggles

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Being a mother of a six-year-old and a 12-month-old does have its ups and downs. The downs don’t last long because the ups outlast those moments. As a mommy, I can surely back that up with the list of my happy moments. Those moments keep each hour of the day special. I’m more than sure my mommy happy list will continue to be written and remembered. The happy moments don’t stop.

Live each day in the happy moments.

What bits of happiness make up your list?


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