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Why We Love Catia Holm & Her #ConfidenceRevolution



We all do it.

We daydream about becoming the “best” versions of ourselves— better at communicating our feelings, sharing our goals, pursuing our passions. Or, simply becoming a happier, more confident person.

But then there’s laundry. And carpool. And a meltdown. And a million more distractions. And then it’s bedtime.

You’re exhausted. Your motivation is waning. Or maybe you’re just a little… lost?

Enter Catia Holm and the #ConfidenceRevolution.

Catia is a writer, speaker, and confidence coach.  She’s also a mom. A mom who not only gets it, she gets what it takes to overcome it.

In her own words, this is what she wants for you:Catia Holm Confidence Coach

If you want to be your MOST confident self, you’ve come to the right place!

Once you discover these tools for navigating through life, you will be MORE joyful, have BETTER relationships and you will live a life you ENJOY!

One week at a time, you will grow into the person you’ve always known you can become.

For a daily dose of inspiration, you can follow Catia on Instagram or Facebook.

Of course, if you’re looking a triple-grande-extra-shot serving of motivation, you can see Catia speak in person at our Bloom Brunch. Join us Saturday morning, April 30th, from 9AM to Noon. Catia will be speaking at 10:30AM and available the rest of the time to meet you! [Facebook Event]

Tickets are only $15, and include an incredible swag bag valued over $60, plus lots of giveaways!

Get Tickets

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