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Celebrating 7!!!


As moms, we give our lives to our little ones with pride, but getting through the day with a baby by our side is sometimes a struggle. We all have our challenges. I’m in awe of mamas with more than one kiddo. Me, I’m a single mom. Most of the time, it’s no biggie, but sometimes you need another pair of hands around.

I was freaked out the first time I had to go grocery shopping with a carrier and a diaper bag, derailing from the usual grocery path often to deal with a poopy diaper and a cumbersome changing table— not fun.  

Older, but not always easier.

As she got older, restroom breaks didn’t become easier. I can remember being at a movie in the park with my blanket all spread out. On top of it were toys and snacks ready to enjoy on our night out. The insecurity I felt when we had to leave everything unaccompanied to go to the bathroom.  I grabbed anything I thought truly valuable and ran to the bathroom and back in a panicked rush. 

I love to travel, but the fear I would feel driving across Texas with a kiddo, just two females, was immense. Every worst-case scenario would go through my head. I couldn’t imagine bustling through a busy city street with her alone.  

In the last couple of years, we’ve traveled with friends or with my parents, but I really longed for the independence of hitting the road by ourselves. 

Turning seven. Seeing the light.

Today, April 17th, my daughter turns seven! In the last quarter of six years old, I’ve noticed a significant change.  My baby is growing up!

I feel the maturity in her and she has significantly shifted from a dependent to a partner.  While she has always tried to be “mommy’s little helper”, she has taken a greater control of her life and and significantly contributes to getting us through the day.  

She has been combing her hair for a while, but the other day she made her own pigtails! They weren’t perfect, but it freed me up to straighten my own hair. She tried it again a couple of days later, and needed me to step in. Still, every day I’m seeing more and more independence.  

Last month we took a mini vacation to downtown San Antonio.  It wasn’t NYC, but it was a start. This was the first time she and I have vacationed alone with absolutely no family to help out. It went great! I don’t think I could have done this at age one with a stroller, nor at age four.  Her emerging maturity made the trip a breeze.

Big girl, little blessings.

A trip to the grocery store looks much different now. “What’s next on the list?” she asks and helps me find items to be checked off. There are still tantrums over toys, but this added help is a blessing.  

Most times I still accompany her to the bathroom, but I’ve been in a pickle with my hands tied up in every which direction and she is on defcon 5. She’s rushed off to the potty all by herself. Sometimes I just wait outside. She really doesn’t need me to go to the bathroom with her anymore; I’m more of an added security.  

No, she is not ready to move out and find an apartment just yet (nor do I want her to), but her coming into this next step of maturity is welcomed and even a blessing.      

I’m celebrating seven, and the maturity that comes with it. For all those mommies who are sometimes overwhelmed with juggling life and kiddos, I’m here to say there is light at the end of the tunnel! Mommies are necessary at age seven just as much as they are at age 37. And the older your kids get, the more that they will be there for you— just as you have been there for them.  

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