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Addiction: It Gets My Heart Pumping


Okay, so I have a confession to make: I have no idea what is wrong with me. I don’t know how many others have this problem but I thought I would come clean and maybe inspire others to get some support.

A Healthy Addiction

Here is where it all started… Hiking! If you haven’t read my hiking post (go read it NOW), I didn’t start running till I was 30! Hiking seemed easier than running, but I downloaded an app on my phone (c25k) anyways. Once I started I couldn’t wait to finish! Every morning I would wake up ready to go running! Even when the program is only to be done 3 times a week, I was doing it 5-6 times a week!

While I was doing c25k I was also competing on another website where I could win prizes for completing different tasks to help me keep  moving and exercising. I was entering giveaways and sweepstakes— and I wanted to WIN!

The Accomplishment High

By the time I finished the running program and won many different challenges, I felt amazing! I was almost down to my pre-pregnancy weight, and I had some awesome swag to show off as well.

So yes, I’m addicted! It’s not just the winning; I just love the feeling of accomplishing something. Not all the challenges had prizes— the feeling I got at the end was enough for me. It gets my heart pumping! The weather has been amazing recently, perfect for getting yourself outside. Heck, take the whole family while you’re at it. I have 3 girls and they often bring their bikes and I challenge myself to keep up with them!

MyRewardThis photo was after I finished c25k for the 2nd time! My family and I drove to the island for the weekend. That was my reward!

I’ve also done other types of challenges: I did an Unshopping and a No Sugar Challenge last summer. You can check sites like Pinterest for other ideas. (Be careful; that is addicting, too.) And yes, I completed them all.

Are you guilty of pinning all of those “Challenges” and not actually completing them? I’m guilty of that too!! I see a 30-day challenge and sometimes I only get up to day 9, 15 or 21. It’s hard, but I suggest you don’t do it alone. Start out by just picking a short 5-10 day challenge and give yourself a reward when you’re done! Always aim for the GOAL!

This is a addiction to keep, is it not? What’s your healthy addiction?

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