Unconditional Love

unconditional love


Is unconditional love from the heart or from pure sight of our children? What does it look like? How does it feel? What does it mean?

Webster’s Dictionary gives us a word-based definition of unconditional love. The dictionary defines each word separately: Unconditional means “not limited in any way,” while love is “a strong feeling of constant affection.”

A mother’s definition of this love can range from one meaning to many different ones, depending who you might ask. The realistic meaning is based on a mother’s experience and knowledge of this pure feeling of love. It can be defined in a picture, through a mother’s eyes, through gestures, or through any other unique symbolic definition that fits each and every mother. These moments can be those tiring nights when the little one can’t sleep, but we stay with them until they do fall asleep. It can be the moment our child sees us walking towards them in school.  It can be the moment we walk in the door from work.  The moments when we feel unconditional love are the best feelings in our hearts. At times we can begin to think to ourselves “Can my heart sustain so much love?”  The answer is ” Yes.” Yes, our hearts are made to hold unconditional love for our babies.

Unconditional LOVE

Unconditional love varies from mom to mom. It may be the moment you knew you were pregnant or the moment you gave birth. Either way, we all have the undying, unconditional love for our children.

This love becomes whole when we realize how strong of a hold it takes on us when we have children. As some of us mommies say “my children are my heart and soul,” which are the places where we hold our unconditional love for them.

This love can only be seen in the eyes of the person who holds the unconditional love. We only begin to see it in others when we truly understand what it is and how it feels.

Unconditional love isn’t a social entity, but a way of life that keeps harmony, respect, and connecting to others special.

How do you feel when unconditional love takes a hold of your heart?


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