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Stories From Our Readers :: {My Best. Date. Ever.}

First, a big THANK YOU to all our fabulous readers for sharing their stories.  After all, what fun is a date unless it turns into a good story?

But enough from us… here are our top three stories from YOU.

date stories


Dinner with Baby

I used to have so many good date stories…but then I became a mom and forgot them all. So, here’s the most recent date I’ve been on: My husband and I decided to go out to dinner. No, not to a drive-through. We wanted to really go out to dinner. Somewhere nice and kind of fancy. Also, we wanted to take our 5-month-old with us. She was so young, we hadn’t used a sitter before, and we really didn’t see why we should — she would just come along in the carrier, and sleep the whole time. Right??

Wrong. As soon as we sat down in the dimly lit dining room of Infusions, she started to wail. I had planned ahead and packed her a bottle. After eating, she seemed happy enough, cozily watching us from her car seat. We were just about to enjoy our own dinner when she started spitting up. And my baby did not usually spit up. We used her bib and her blanket to mop up the mess and dry her off. Then, we tucked one of the nice, linen restaurant napkins around her and went back to our meal.

Until she spit up. Again. Not only were we alarmed at this point, we were also running out of dry stuff! Somehow, her onesie came off and she was wrapped, toga-style in my husband’s napkin, with mine covering her little feet and a third napkin (taken from the lovely guests next to us) covering her like a blanket.

We quickly got the check, took our food to go, and left the restaurant with a 5-month-old who looked like she was ready for a college toga party. It was the last time we tried to go out for a nice dinner with the baby. But we’ll always have our full set of fancy restaurant napkins to remind us of our best date ever.


Park date, Pease!

One of my favorite dates ever was a trip to Pease Park in Austin. It was a gloriously sunny and cool February afternoon and we had the best time playing… frisbee golf. The pace of the game is easy and relaxed. We had lots of time to chat and joke around between turns. If you’ve never tried it, it is certainly worth doing some day. We were engaged soon afterwards and the rest is history, but those frisbees are still with us and always remind me of that date.



Not So Blind Date

My best date ever was the one where I met my husband! It was a blind date, and we had been set up by friends. When I walked into the restaurant and saw the good-looking guy sitting at a table alone waiting for me, I was in shock. No, not because he was so good-looking. (He definitely WAS.) I almost turned around and left… because he was also my boss! (The friends who set us up didn’t really know much about our jobs or even the name of the company where we both work, so they never made the connection.) Anyways, I decided the better idea was to go over and meet my “date” and laugh off how funny it was before politely leaving. Three drinks and two desserts later, he asked me on a second date! Now we’re married. We also both have the same jobs.

– S.

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