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Pigtails to Prom Hair: She’s Growing Up

First Pigtails

My toddler finally has hair long enough for her first pigtails! I picked up some elastics and, with great care (and a little frustration), put her hair in two sweet pigtails. I snapped a quick pic! So cute!

Little girl hair

Then, uh-oh, here they come— mom hormones.

I start thinking, “My baby is becoming a little girl. Her hair is long enough for pigtails! She used to be my little bald-headed baby!” Her bald head was so sweet, and until she discovered the use of her hands, it was the perfect place for some super cute bows.

Of course I am happy that she is growing up, and of course I am happy that she is getting some hair. Still, every time I realize that she is growing up so fast, it is bittersweet. And I know that this won’t be the last time I feel happy and sad about her hair, all at the same time.

There will be the brushing of her locks on those exciting first days of school when, even though tangles may be brutal, hopefully, I can turn them into a very fashionable french braid.

There will be the day when she comes home and tells me that a little boy pulled those pigtails. Oh, boy. Do little boys pull pigtails anymore, or do they do something else now, like change the password on little girls’ iPads? I may be a bit outdated.

There will be the time in middle school where she may want to cut her hair short, like really short. I did it, and I will encourage her otherwise. (I have tried to make sure that all photos from sixth grade were conveniently lost.)

There will be the times when she wants to dye her hair purple, like permanent purple, and we will have to make some kind of compromise. How about a lovely shade of light brown?

Regardless of all that, my little baby is growing up, and I can’t wait to watch her grow and change. I know her hair will get longer and shorter and longer again. It may change with dye; it might change naturally. But no matter what, under those locks will always be my sweet, sassy and beautiful girl.

And yes, someday, the time will come when she asks me to fix her veil over her pretty hair on her wedding day. But I’m going to try really hard not to think about that too much right now. For now, I will enjoy my time just brushing her hair after her bath and burying my nose into those beautiful blonde locks while we watch Elmo together.

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