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Vlogging: Looking Down Memory Lane

Vlogging: Making Memories

Vlog… Vlogging… Vlogmas… VEDA…

If you ask your children, I’m sure they know what each of those words mean. Ask them who their favorite vlogger is, and I’m pretty sure they have a list a mile long! But what about all the adults out there? Do you know what a VLOG is?

A Brief History of Vlogs

Let me enlighten you. A vlog is a video-blog. The word blog came from weblog. The word weblog came from website log. So, I think you get the picture now. A vlog is when you create logs that have videos in them. Ta-da! That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Back at the turn of the century, you could actually count the amount of “Blogs” the internet had. But try that today, and you’d be up for weeks! I believe there are now more Vlogs than Blogs! It’s way easier to just push that REC button than it is to get your thoughts together, type it out, edit and then publish.

Now that the word Vlog exists, it has begun to transform into other words, like the ones mentioned above. For Example, “Vlogmas” means recording and uploading a video every day in December!

The Perks of Vlogging

Why Vlog? You know how we all take photos and record videos on our phones and cameras,  just to end up deleting them or storing them in the garage until they eventually get thrown away? Step into vlogging! There are several “Communities” on Youtube and other video logging sites (usually free) where you can capture these moments, talk about how you are feeling, upload it and then look back at it whenever you want, however you want. You know we are in the digital age now, right?! Everyone is like, “Did you download the app?” or “There’s an app for that.” You can carry your “Memories” on those digital device, and not have to worry about having enough memory.

So, you can create a vlog, record your memories, watch them back, keep them public or private, share them with friends and family— and enjoy!

I have been vlogging for almost 6 years now, and my family loves looking back at old videos. I see friends uploading short clips of their kids on social media and  I think to myself, “They should put it on Youtube.” It takes forever to search for those videos again when you want to show someone. It just seems pointless to do that, in my opinion.

If you don’t know where to start, find a community, like I mentioned before, or write down a list of things you think your kids or your future self might enjoy looking back at. I enjoy vlogging during the holidays, or find a premade prompt list and press RECORD! I, personally, love to watch grocery hauls and DIY videos on youtube. There are so many different types of videos out there I’m sure you can find inspiration, or find something you love to watch!

So… who’s with me? Will you start vlogging today?


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