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Do You Believe in Santa?


This month I wanted to share something we are struggling with: “Is Santa Real?”

When I hear those words I think about the stars, the snow and the magic! I think about hope, smiles and jingle bells! I’m not thinking about “If” I believe or not, I just do!

Well, right now I have to think a bit more. Our 11 year old stopped believing this year. It just breaks my heart, yet I’m grateful at the same time. It seems like children are losing their innocence younger and younger every year. And now, every chance she gets, she mutters those four words… “There is no Santa!” When she does, I see lights going out. Just like in the movie The Guardians. We have to keep our light shining bright! (More ideas on that!)

The year Santa didn’t come

I don’t even remember how old I was when I stopped believing because, in a way, I STILL BELIEVE! However, I do remember the year I stopped getting presents from Santa. It was the saddest Christmas ever!

I was 12 years old. Early Christmas morning, we woke up to no gifts under the tree. I thought to myself, “Maybe he left them at Grandma’s.”

Later, we drove to Grandma’s, and all the kids huddled around the tree waiting for their gifts to be handed to them… None were handed to me. The only gift I received was $5 from Grandpa. I was now in the “Big Kid” gift pool. My heart cracked.

What do you do when your own kids stop believing?

My husband and I decided that we would not give our oldest any gifts from “Santa” since she doesn’t believe in him anymore. In our home, Santa’s gifts are usually the biggest, most exciting gifts under the tree. So, we’ve voiced it to her that Santa doesn’t bring gifts to children who don’t believe.

We also decided to give her more responsibilities and perhaps an allowance to save up to buy her own gift (for her birthday or Christmas) next year. After all, having three children does take a toll on our holiday budget. If you haven’t read my other post “5 Money-Saving Tips for the Holidays,” it’s a good read. We will be using all of them next year!

I do hope to not ruin Christmas for her, the way it was for me. I want to include her in the preparation this year, like helping me in the kitchen or even wrapping her sisters’ gifts. We also hope to instill in her the Spirit of Christmas instead of just the “Fantasy” of Santa Claus.

I would love more ideas on how to keep “the light” alive for my daughter. What did you do when your children stopped believing?


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