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Setting Goals in the New Year as a Family

I am a goal oriented person. As a teacher, I loved making goals for myself and my students. Now as a stay-at-homeGoals Featured Image mom, I am trying to incorporate the importance of making goals into my family life. If a goal is written down or said aloud, it is even more likely to happen! So, taking the opportunity to openly discuss and write down our goals as a family ensures that we are more likely to make them happen. Also, as my kids get older, I am trying to instill the importance of completing things that we set out to accomplish.

Since celebrating New Years now consists of hanging out at home, ordering pizza, and hoping the kids don’t make it to midnight, we have chosen it as a night to reflect on the previous year and to make some family goals for the year to come. It’s a simple and easy activity that has become a great family tradition.

Setting Goals:Goals Chart

  1. Find a large piece of paper or posterboard.
  2. Write the year in the middle of the paper.
  3. Each family member takes turns writing down goals around the year.
  4. Use stickers and markers to decorate the goal chart.
  5. Hang it somewhere that is visible. We hang ours in the pantry/laundry room.
  6. Goals can be crossed off or highlighted once they are accomplished!
  7. Take the down the year before goals chart and save it. It’s a great way to see how your year went and celebrate all that you accomplished as a family!

When creating goals, each of the kids gets to write goals that they have for themselves such as:

The kids made goals for themselves such as:

Read a chapter book each week
Learn to ride a bike without training wheels
Learn multiplication
Go to your first movie in a theatre
Get rid of binky (more of a goal for mom and dad)

My husband and I create goals for ourselves such as:

Run a marathon
Less technology
Cook dinner six nights a week
Read one book a month
Take golf lessons
Exercise daily
Daily family prayer time
Spend less, save more

As a family, we create goals together such as:

Camp out
Go fishing
Go ice skating
Run a 5K together
Establish one-on-one time with each child
Make S’mores
Take five family hikes
Go to the beach once a month
Begin bike riding together

Goals don’t always have to be serious tasks, they can also be about having fun. Remember, the number one rule for family goals is to make sure you are making memories!

What goals do you have for your family in 2015?

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