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No Mayo Chicken Salad

Mayonnaise was never allowed in our house. Growing up, my mom was/is allergic to mayonnaise so there was never any need for us to have it. As a child, I wouldn’t say I missed out on food delicacies such as potato salad or chicken salad…but I always felt a little bummed that I never experienced what those foods tasted like. Since I had never been exposed to mayo, as an adult when I finally tried mayo rich foods, I was not a fan. However the thought of chicken salad intrigued me. I am a salad aficionado so I figured I could put my own spin on “no mayo – chicken salad”.

What you need:


• Firm Roma Tomatoes
• Zesty Pickle Spears
• Rotisserie Chicken
• Boiled Eggs
• Caesar Vinaigrette
• Granny Smith Apples
• Lime
• Food Processor (Optional)



1. Boil Eggs

2. Shred Chicken and place into food processor. Process until meat looks chopped to your liking. (Make sure not to let any bones slip in there)


3. Wash and Deseed Roma Tomatoes. I like to chop tomato with a knife instead of using food processor. I have found that the food process demolishes the fragile tomato.
4. Cut Pickles into small chunks. (I prefer to deseed my pickles so that my salad doesn’t get too runny)


5. Wash and Cut Apple into large chunks. Place into food processor
6. Peel boiled eggs. Let cool and then place in food processer.
7. Mix all the chopped ingredients.


8. Add lime juice and the vinaigrette to the consistency of choice.



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