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Just Between Friends :: Fall Consignment Sale {Sponsored}

If you had a chance to clean out your closets this summer, you might now be wondering what to do with all that great stuff that you don’t want anymore!

The options can feel overwhelming considering how much planning it could take for a garage sale and how much effort it could take to go shop by shop and try selling or consigning. The time invested just isn’t always worth the minimal profit that often results.

Then I heard about Just Between Friends of McAllen. They have two seasonal sales each year that are organized consignment events where the community is invited to come together to either buy or sell gently used children and  maternity clothes and items.


Benefits of Consigning with Just Between Friends

  • They do all of the advertising for you. You don’t have to worry about posters and signs and craiglist ads.
  • You don’t have to haggle with prices with anyone. Nobody will come knocking at your door the night before asking to preview your stuff.
  • No one will be ringing your doorbell at 6 am asking to preview your stuff.
  • You can get more for your items. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sold a designer item for a penny on the dollar.
  • You price your own items. You decide their worth.
  • You get to keep 60% of the sale! It’s a little less if you decide you want them to tag the items for you (totally worth it in my opinion!).
  • As a consignor, you get to shop the private sale before they open it to the general public and snag all the greatest items 😉
  • Your items are more likely to sell because the event is targeted to a very specific market – those looking for baby and maternity.
  • You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to start setting up. You don’t even have to be there!
  • No worrying about where your kids are as you are trying to haggle with buyers and collect money and chase your screaming toddler who JUST. HAS. TO. HAVE. THAT. TUMMY TIME MAT you are about to sell!
  • Privacy. No need to worry about inviting a bunch of strange folks near your home and your children.
  • Recalls – they make sure your items are up to date in terms of safety and update them if needed.
  • Did I mention you don’t even have to be there!? You can be at home, in bed, with your kids.

How great does this sound? It’s really a fantastic way to unload some great treasures and make cash all the while.

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Be sure to sign up for the event happening September 19-20 by visiting their website and creating an account. You will also find their Facebook page is loaded with tips and tricks for getting started, tagging items, pricing, and even a timeline to help you get organized and ready to do so. You will also find locations, schedules and services they offer (such as the valet tagging system).


Nomad Shrine Club
1044 W Nolana Loop
Pharr, Texas
(956) 534-0351

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