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Mother’s Day Craft for All Ages

Call me old fashioned, but I appreciate a homemade card and craft from my family more than any fancy or expensive gift for Mother’s Day. Knowing my child spent time and effort choosing the right words for a poem or the perfect colors for my painting, makes me feel special!

I started doing crafts with my kids at an early age. As babies and toddlers, I would paint their hands and feet on everything from ceramic mugs to kitchen aprons. I still have most of those crafts and am amazed on how much my babies have grown.

I found this neat Mother’s Day craft on Pinterest.

Mother's Day Craft

First, pick the size of canvas you want to work with, and then choose any paint color for the back ground.

Paint the canvas one solid color or be adventurous and do different colors, or stripes, or even an ombre effect. Just remember not to make the background color to flashy because you want the word LOVE to stand out.

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Next, paint the letter “L” then use your child’s painted hand to create the “O” in love.

Finally, put paint on their feet and toes and place them on the canvas in a “V” formation and finish off with the letter “E”.  You will have the word “LOVE”.

This craft can be used for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, Christmas, Birthdays and lots of other special days. Kids of all ages will enjoy doing it. You can even choose to do it every few years and appreciate how their little hand and feet have grown.

This project is easy, inexpensive and fun! Enjoy!

What about you? What are your favorite gifts to receive as a mom or give to you mom?

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