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A few weeks ago I got a call from a friend asking for ideas on what to get his wife for Mother’s Day. I couldn’t come up with anything right away which got me thinking well what would moms out there really want?? And not only that but with Mother’s Day now only being a few days away what’s out there that we can get shipped and delivered on time?

Now to be completely honest I can tell you that a few ideas did pop into my head but I couldn’t really share them with him. I can however share them here:



All moms would love a little extra time in the morning to sleep in. And by sleep in I mean no coming in and out of the room by toddlers and husbands to ask “where is…” and “how do I…” Pure, uninterrupted sleep. Now for our new mommies out there I know this would mean the world!


Now in our mommy worlds playdates usually include kids but what I was thinking was allowing Mommy to have a playdate with her friends. It’s amazing what a few hours away from the littles and Mickey Mouse clubhouse can do for the mommy soul. Ladies don’t forget your sippy cups–may they be filled with your favorite “mommy juice!”

and the last thing that I thought of was…

3. Alone time in the Bathroom


That’s right I said it. Now I know that once you have kids this idea seems to get thrown out the window but c’mon it may be the easiest one to do! I mean to be able to take a shower without playing peek-a-boo with a 2 year old would be AH-MaY-Zing!

Do you understand now why I couldn’t really share these with him?? I mean these sounded like great ideas — they’re free and easy!  Anywho I got back to the task at hand and decided to create a little guide to Mother’s Day shopping with some ideas to fit just about any mom. My first go to for gift giving is always Amazon because of their great prices and quick delivery. I recently joined Amazon Prime and you all I must say if ya’ll haven’t become a member it’s definitely worth considering. You get a 3-month trial period which includes 2-day shipping, no minimum order size, plus 20% off diapers, wipes and other family essentials. At the end of the trial you’re charged a fee ($99–which I think is well worth fighting crowds at the stores) to remain part of the program. So here is what I found:

mothers day


1.  Michael Kors Watch – Moms are always watching the time because someone either has to be fed, needs a nap or has to be picked up/dropped off from somewhere. I absolutely fell in love with this watch a few weeks ago when I saw it in a catalog! The pop of color is great for almost any summer outfit and will make sure to keep everyone on track.

2. FitBit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband – As we all know, we moms tend to take care of everyone else’s needs before our own. This is a great tool to help busy moms stay on top of their wellness. I have a few friends who own this and absolutely love it. This little device tracks your steps per day, calories burned and even sleep cycles. When synced with MyFitnessPal you can more accurately calculate how many calories you should be getting per day. It is available in a variety of colors and sometime soon there will even be a Tory Burch version available.

3. Get her looking FAB – Now I don’t know about you all but ever since becoming a mom the best thing I can find to do with my hair is pick it all up in a ponytail 🙁 The Dry Room may be the answer to my problem. It is a blow-dry bar that guarantees to “get you fab-in-a-flash.” This sounds very appealing to me. I mean really fab, can’t remember the last time! They offer Blowouts, Braids, and Make-up services. Gift certificates are available in different amounts. Best bet: get her enough on a certificate that allows her to go a few times.

4. Ice, Ice, Baby – Who doesn’t like a little bling?? These beauties are handmade by one of my close friends. There’s nothing like a little arm candy to brighten a girl’s day. Follow her @valleyrubyred on Instagram to see what other creations she has available.

5. Say Cheese – As moms we always tend to be on the other side of the camera and often forget that we deserve to be part of all those pictures too! A family photo session is one of my favorite gift ideas for Mother’s Day. It’s a perfect way to capture special moments between you and your family. I personally have worked with Iliasis Muniz Photography before and loved every minute of our session at South Padre Island. We also have one of our very own writers on staff (Melinda Gutierrez) that we highly recommend! You can check out her portfolio on Facebook as well as some of the work she has done for RGV Moms Blog as well here and here.

6. Mommy Sippy Cup – Tervis + Wine Glass = Perfection! Add a fabulous bottle of wine to one of these and perhaps some cheese and crackers to make a great Mother’s Day gift. These have been described as “an active wine lovers dream come true.” Now you can sip your wine in style without worrying about spilling any on your outfit. Perfect for the beach, park, tailgating, or other fast-paced adventures (like chasing a toddler around, remember that “playdate” I mentioned earlier).

7. Sunnies – With summer around the corner these are a perfect gift for moms! For me it was love at first site when I spotted a similar pair worn by a certain Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. I started “googling” and found they were way over my budget. Luckily I then found the Ray Bans! I loved this part of their description from their website: “Mirrored coating reduces glare and deflects envious glances.” There will be some definite glances with these on. If green isn’t your color, no worries, they come in a few other options as well!

8.  Storytime – Now this one isn’t so much for the mommas but more so for the kiddos. How much fun would this be to read with the minis Saturday night?? I’ll try not to ruin the story but the night before Mother’s Day, Dad and the kiddos manage to get Mom out of the house to work on all her surprises. For under $5 it’s a must buy!

9. Sweetness – Give her a little bit of Paris from right here at home thanks to CC’s Sweets & Treats. If you haven’t tried these stop by and pick some up for yourself! You’ll fall in love! These are a great add on to another gift you may already have but are also perfect all by themselves!

10. Royalty for your Feet – A cute pair of Havaianas is pure luxury for your feet! These are the best options for running around town getting errands done. The delicate details on this slim style make them almost like works of art on your feet. The affordable price point also makes it easy to grab more than one pair!

Hope you find this helpful and remember most of these things can all be on your doorstep in a matter of days. Happy Shopping!

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