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Nest Egg Easter Desserts

Nested Eggs

Who doesn’t like a fun Pinterest challenge? Pick a picture and try to make it work, right? Believe it or not, the photos on this post are all mine!

This crafty dessert was inspired by several photos that can be found on our Easter Pinterest board and given a bit of a colorful twist.

Peeps and Nest Eggs

I did learn a few things about the end result that I will reveal below (oh, those Pinterest ideals).

The Cake and Cupcake Batter – First of all, this was an easy bake. If you have a favorite cake recipe, use it. I used a box cake instead of going scratch this time, since I was more interested in the adorable topping. However, there was a twist to the batter.

Basic Cake Yellow Cake Batter

Mix in Some Color – Separate the cake batter into three or four bowls. Using food coloring, pick a few spirited colors (bright pastels and saturated colors work well) and tint each of the batters. Mix well to avoid streaking. Contrasting colors are a good idea.


Tinted Cake BatterFood Coloring Drizzle Colored Batter Colorful Cake Pre-Bake

Bake and Cool – When frosting cakes and cupcakes, consider using a cooling rack or at least taking them out of their pan. Wait until they are cool before frosting anything or the result will be a sloppy mess.


Cupcake Cupcake Easter Cupcake


Frost and Gather Toppings – You may choose to tint your frosting to match the “nest” or keep it neutral and light, like I did with a plain white frosting.

Separate the cotton candy into fluffy strips and shape into a nest. Handle lightly or the candy will compress and appear heavy. Smaller pieces anchored at the center seem to work best.

Anchor the candy eggs in place with a small dab of frosting. Depending on the size of your cupcake or cake, embellish with multiple eggs and candy birds.


FrostingMalt EggsCotton Candy Nest

Nested Eggs


Tips, In Retrospect – The biggest tip I have for this dessert is take a picture RIGHT AWAY and eat it shortly thereafter. Cotton candy absorbs moisture from the frosting, causing it to shrink up and crystalize.  My beautiful nests morphed a bit within 20-30 minutes. After revisiting the original Pinterest posts, I did notice that some of the cotton candy nests had a base to separate them from the frosting. It could be something hard and dry, like a decorative plastic or foam piece, or perhaps something made of dried sugar paste or marzipan.

Next time.

Otherwise, this was a fun and fairly easy dessert to make and the kids LOVED their cute little cupcakes with colorful toppings and a confetti cake surprise inside!

Happy Easter!

Easter Spread

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  1. Melinda April 17, 2014 at 1:37 pm #

    These are the CUTEST little treats!! I will be trying these. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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