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Easy Peasy Easter Eggs – yes, no mess!

easter egg 1

This is the first year my daughter is really able to participate in making or decorating for the holidays. Since she’s only just turned two her fine motor skills are still developing…precision is not exactly in her repertoire yet, but that doesn’t stop her from decorating her little heart out. So, although I’m pretty darn excited about beginning this new arts and crafts stage of her life, I’m not particularly thrilled with the clean up that comes with it (visions of paint smeared on walls, hair, and furniture come to mind). So imagine my absolute delight when I found these chalkboard paint covered eggs at Hobby Lobby ($8.99 for eight eggs).

These are perfect for a toddler to decorate! You don’t have to worry about broken eggs or dye staining their skin. All you need is some colorful chalk, the eggs, and some time and have at it! If your kid is like mine and has had enough after two eggs you can stretch the activity out over a few days. Since there’s not much to it I just kept the eggs and chalk in my kitchen – that way they were handy whenever the urge to decorate hit her.

easter egg 2

Another huge plus is that they are easy to clean (hello baby wipe) 🙂 Which is important if you have a little Picasso on your hands, or if you’re like me you’ll want them all spick and span before packing these babies up and putting them away for next year.

Keep in mind – these eggs are decorative and not really ideal for the Easter bunny to hide or for tots to play with or chew on (remember they’re covered in chalkboard paint and decorated with chalk). However, as far as Easter egg activities go I really liked it and more importantly my daughter had fun 🙂

easter eggs

I’m sure that as my little bunny love gets older and more capable in the crafting department we’ll add some more “messy” art projects into the mix. In the mean time, I like that we can use these blank canvass eggs year after year without butcher papering the house 😉

 Got any other “egg-cellent” ideas? “Hop” on it and share your fun arts and crafts suggestions with us (all puns intended) 😉


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  1. Claudia April 16, 2014 at 8:33 am #

    They came out egg-cellent! It looks like your little bunny had fun decorating. :o)

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