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Create a Homework Space for Your Kiddos

Have you noticed your kiddos are coming home with more homework these days?  I have!  Here are a few tips for creating a homework space that will help you and and your kids.

1. Consistency– have your kids do their homework at the same time everyday.  (We have Aliyah do her homework after her snack once shes ‘s home from school.)

2. Create a dedicated study space- use a central location (kitchen table/dining room) so that you can answer any questions, if needed.

3. No distractions– have all kids do their homework at the same time, turn off the television, put phones away, and no music.

4. Let your kid(s) work alone- don’t hover and instead of correcting what you see wrong, ask them to find what’s wrong with hints (misspellings, grammar, etc.).

5. Give praise– they may not make a perfect “A” but remember to give praise for good grades and trying their best.

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