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Decorating for Halloween

Mike and I started decorating our home for fall/Halloween the last week of September.  Actually, I’ve been crafting ideas in my head for a few months now.  I looked through magazines, scoured the internet, and visited craft stores and found some fab ideas for sprucing things up around our house.

We have found some great things in stores to add to our decor, but some stores have a slim selection, are too pricey, or have just run out of items.  Now, I find myself wanting to let the artistic side of my brain take over.  The problem is finding the time to get crafty.  My goal is to do that this weekend.

One project I came across via Woman’s Day seems easy and won’t require too much time.  We are going to see if we can make a fun family night creating this pumpkin!


Here is what you  need:


  • roll of twine
  • hot glue
  • plastic spiders
  • Make sure your kids are around to help or even make their own!
  • Start by gluing one end of the twine to the bottom of the pumpkin.
  • Loop the twine up toward the stem and continue to wrap it all the way around the pumpkin vertically.
  • Then start wrapping the twine loosely around the stem and continue to make loose loops from top to bottom.
  • Use hot glue to secure the twine along the way when needed.
  • Use the glue to secure a few spiders to your web and you’re done.

 If you get some time to make your own spider web pumpkin, please send us pictures.

Do you have any no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas?  We’d love to see pictures of your little ones and the pumpkins around your house.

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