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Farewell First Home

Farewell, First Home

Dear Cozy Home, As I rounded the corner to wrap up my evening walk today, I stood and admired your beauty. Your red brick exterior covered in ivy with blue-gray shutters is second to none. I remember when I first saw you, almost six years ago, and immediately fell in love. I would discreetly drive […]

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Team Corner-May

Tribute to Our Moms {May Team Corner}

Do you ever feel like you're becoming your mother? Maybe it's your go-to sayings or the way you cut a sandwich. Maybe it's your mom style or how you react in a crisis situation. It's hard to really appreciate all that moms do until you become one yourself. For Mother's Day 2018, our Rio Grande [...]
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Sometimes I'd Rather Do Dishes

Sometimes I’d Rather Do Dishes

I used to hate doing dishes more than anything. Now I realize what an escape it can be from the complications of real life. Doing dishes allows me to pull my weight in the family and to feel productive. These days, after dinner, I light a candle and get to work. It’s gotten to the […]

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Hello, May! [Screensaver + Activities]

Hello May! Summer is around the corner. Your plate probably includes a spattering of end-of-year activities, projects, Teacher Appreciation Week gift-making, summer camp planning, vacation reservation-making, among the everyday grind.  It's a new month, so it's also time to swap out your April screensaver for May. The RGV Moms Blog has this chic phone backdrop for [...]
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