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She looks

She Looks Like Herself!

Ever since I can remember, people have told me that I look like my mom (and they’re right, I do.) Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder how my mom got into my bathroom without me noticing! It didn’t bother me much back then. I admit that it did get old after a while […]

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My Son is So Over Me : Dealing with Detachment

Dealing with Detachment: My Son is So Over Me

One thing I’ve learned since having my son is kids are constantly changing.  Just when you get used to one routine, their needs change.  Their patterns change.  Teething. Feeding. Sleeping. Growing.  Talking.  Learning.  They are in a constant state of flux.   I know this very well and yet the latest change has caught me […]

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A Perpetual Mess (2)

A Perpetual Mess

  This past week our small family traveled to Waco because my husband has a conference for work. Zoe and I have a good time seeing the sites and eating at restaurants that we don’t have in the Valley. At one point, we were getting ready to go somewhere, and I had everything in the […]

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