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I Had the Fun Mom

I Had the “Fun Mom” {Motherhood & Mental Health}

The RGV Moms Blog is honored to share this guest post by Wendy L. Smith. We think Wendy’s personal story and powerful advice about mental health and family well-being is an important topic to bring up during the holiday season. I had the Fun Mom. Our house was where my friends wanted to hang out, mostly […]

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Beach 2

Dolphins, Turtles and Sunscreen Tantrums: The New Way We Do the Beach

We are beach people. My husband and I love the beach. We love our Rio Grande Valley beach, South Padre Island. Before our son was born, beach weekends were lazy, crazy and so relaxing. Our average beach day used looked something like this: Breakfast, beach time, soaking in the ocean, toes in the sand, beer […]

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febrile seizures

Febrile Seizures 101

Febrile Seizures. Those of you who know what they are typically do because you have either had one yourself or your little one has had one. Last week, our daughter’s school called to let us know she had a fever. On the way there I got another call saying she was fine but had had […]

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Ask Me About My Busted Lip

Ask Me About My Busted Lip

I am not a victim of spousal abuse. I do not easily anger or get in fist fights. However, I was recently punched in the face by a piece of workout equipment. Hard. Let me clarify. My lip was busted by a slingshotting elastic band with a mechanism fixed to its end. When it happened, […]

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having a daughter

On Having a Daughter

The other day, I was on the phone with one of my oldest and closest friends. We were talking about whether or not to have kids. Quick background: I already have one. She’s 10 months old. It feels like I’ve been a parent forever. My friend, on the other hand, is still unsure about the whole child-rearing […]

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